The Master Plan


What is the master plan?

The Master Plan is an online wedding planning course for every couple. These are the actual steps I take my long-term planning couples through, so they’re tried and tested and client approved. 

Can i see an example before i purchase the course?

Heck yes you can! Just pop your email into the form above and you’ll be able to download our Vendor Q+A Starter Pack!

Who is The Master Plan made for?

The short answer: Anyone who’s planning a wedding! But let’s get specific:

  • Couples on a budget, because not everyone can afford a wedding planner 

  • Couples who want to plan their own wedding, but want the guidance of a planner

  • Couples hiring a day-of coordinator who will need some guidance along the way

  • Coordinators and planners just getting started or looking to streamline their client interaction. 

What does The Master Plan cover?

Glad you asked! There are ten learning modules in The Master Plan:

  1. Planning timeline

  2. Budget

  3. Style

  4. Guest list 

  5. Venue

  6. Catering

  7. Vendors

  8. Guest communication

  9. Weekend timeline 

  10. Last minute details 

Each module contains a video educating you on the subject, and practical PDFs and spreadsheets to help you make the most of your time, energy, and money. 

Where can we access The Master Plan?

Anywhere! The Master Plan is designed to be a completely mobile experience, accessible from any platform. For mobile users, we strongly recommend downloading the Google Sheets app, but it isn’t necessary.

How much does The Master Plan cost?

This is the best part. For six-month access, The Master Plan is only $199. For twelve-month access, it is only $299. It’s that simple!


Don’t just take our word for it.

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